It all started when…

I, as a graphic designer for a few years, was in front of the computer doing a job for a client and realised that I was not as passionate about my work as I was before. I felt like a machine in front of my computer generating content that I did not believe in. That passion for design was turning into a mechanical and sad work.

In a need to connect again with what I love to do, I started to research more projects, designers, materials ... I stayed days and days immersed in design fairs around the world ... and for some years I had the chance to sit and talk, discuss new ideas, reviewing old and efficient solutions that were forgotten in modernity, attending workshops, rethinking my work and what I really loved in design.

I have known the failures and challenges of these professionals and students and in an incredible process, find out how they came to a solution.

And much more interesting than the projects I encountered was the person behind an idea. Their knowledge, origins and values.

And from that it was born plural. In this need to collaborate, divide, interact and mainly inspire.

What really interests me is to know who this person is behind this idea, how it came to it, their frustrations and problems. The successes and challenges overcome. The blog is a source of inspiration. A form of connection and a door to a possible collaboration. How to keep the dream and not give up a dream in this market so competitive?

This blog does not have the objective to dictate truths but a door for reflection, divulgation and discussion of projects, materials and concepts.

We need to urgently rethink how we consume and how. Most sustainability projects solve one problem, but it generates another. New materials are developed, the more they use more resources and even being a great idea is almost impossible to execute.

How to connect professionals and generate collaborations in which the problem can be solved? And how do we do it on a large scale?

What is the designer's role in changing?

A thousand questions I have and would like to share. And like me, many people are all over the world wondering too ...