For years, our social, economic, and political pillars lead us to the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources. We have currently faced the enormous challenge in changing the impact of our “take, make, discard” model. It is an urgent need to reduce climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, and social inequality globally in short terms.

Due to the need to create a more responsible future through the awareness of more ethical and sustainable values, the Plural Magazine was created. 

We are still far from achieving fully effective solutions, but the magazine believes that with the interaction of design, biology, and technology it is possible to develop responsible materials that do not cause damage to the environment. Its articles and interviews aim to show processes and solutions that can open a dialogue on this current problem and inspire more people.

Plural  Magazine aims to inform and share design and research projects. Our objective is to present new ideas, concepts, process, and materials. Disseminating and producing a comprehension of sustainable and responsible initiatives and also valuing craftsmanship and slow production.

Our team

About the founder

Nina Zulian, is a Brazilian designer based in Amsterdam.

The designer owns her small design studio, successfully developing solutions for graphic and textile design. Nina Zulian created the magazine as a form of dialogue and motivations for people, who like her, are interested in design and sustainability.

“The current moment demands to rethink our lifestyle and products in line with sustainable practices. The need to develop new ideas for collective and global thinking. And the design is the foundation for this” explains the designer about the magazine philosophy.

About the Editor

Gemma Osei is the in-house Editor for Plural Magazine. Since graduating with a 1st in Ancient History from Exeter University, she has gained varied experience within the publishing industry; interning at Penguin UK, working in Waterstones and as Literary Assistant at Caskie Mushens agency in London. Her interest in sustainability and small-label design originally drew her to Plural Magazine. Like Nina Zulian, she believes in the importance of opening a dialogue for all those passionate about the future of sustainable design.

Originally from London, Gemma now lives and works in Amsterdam. She is a freelance Editor open to exploring additional projects alongside Plural Magazine.

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